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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Asian paradise flycatcher

Asian Paradise flycatchers are birds native to Asia. They are seen widely in India and inhabit forests and well wooded areas. They are winter migrators to Asia but in south India a resident breed is commonly seen.
Paradise flycatchers are beautiful birds and the male birds have a characteristic long tail about 25- 30 cms long and females have a short tail. They feed on flies,insects and small worms,butterflies etc.
The breeding season is from February to May ,these birds are monogamous and both participate in nesting and feeding activities. the nest is a small woven tuft on a very slender twig of a tree or small plant often not easily detectable. They lay 2-3 small eggs
these pictures were taken at a nesting site in a farm near Honnali on shimoga- Honnali road.

Male Asian Paradise flycatcher

Female bird feeding chicks

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  1. Nice photos. It would be nice to give details of equipment used, place and time. Great snaps. Keep up the good work.